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Month: June 2016 (page 1 of 9)

Idaho Food Police: No giving out free food without permits

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It’s been said that “licenses and permits are how government sells you back the freedom it has stolen from you,” and Idaho’s updated food code is a good example of this process.

As of July 1st, Idaho is implementing an updated food code that creates a host of new regulations including the prohibition on giving away free food.

“Anybody serving or giving away food to the public, whether it be a promotional event at, say, a business – those people are required to obtain a license.”

Environmental health specialist Nathan Taylor, of Eastern Idaho Public Health apparently thinks being the food police is funny.


Maryland Dairy Farmer Beats The IRS, Will Recover Nearly $30,000 Seized Through Civil Forfeiture

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After fighting the federal government for over four years, a Maryland dairy farmer will finally be made whole. In a letter made public on Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced it will return $29,500 taken from Randy Sowers, after he and the Institute for Justice filed a petition to recover his seized cash. (To help other victims of IRS seizures, the Institute for Justice has resources and sample petitions available online.)

“This is exactly what we wanted,” Randy said in a statement.


Idaho Gun Shows

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There are a dozen gun shows scheduled to occur in Idaho throughout the rest of 2016. The full list is as follows: (If we have missed any, please let us know.)

Aug 27th – 28th Nampa Gun-Knife & Antique Show Nampa, ID
Sep 10th – 11th Coeur D’Alene Gun Show Coeur D’Alene, ID
Sep 10th – 11th Boise Gun Show Nampa, ID
Oct 1st – 2nd Idaho Falls Gun Show Idaho Falls, ID
Oct 1st – 2nd Marsing Gun Show Marsing, ID
Oct 1st – 2nd Post Falls Gun Show Post Falls, ID
Nov 5th – 6th Filer Gun Show Filer, ID
Nov 5th – 6th Pocatello Gun Show Pocatello, ID
Nov 12th – 13th Boise Gun Show Nampa, ID
Nov 19th – 20th Lewiston Gun Show Lewiston, ID
Dec 10th – 11th Coeur D’Alene Gun Show Coeur D’Alene, ID
Dec 17th – 18th Post Falls Gun Show Post Falls, ID




Nanny State: Phoenix proposes hiking ban during hot temperatures

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Phoenix may close hiking trails in its more than 40,000 acres of desert preserves during intense heat that statewide already has claimed several lives this summer.

Temperatures reaching 110 degrees would prompt the closure of city trails for people, through a policy under consideration this week. Dogs would be stopped from hiking when the mercury hits 100 degrees.

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board, which has authority to implement the rules, will consider the change Thursday.


Thomas Sowell: The Diversity Fraud Goes On

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Last week the Supreme Court of the United States voted that President Obama exceeded his authority when he granted exemptions from the immigration laws passed by Congress.

But the Supreme Court also exceeded its own authority by granting the University of Texas an exemption from the Constitution’s requirement of “equal protection of the laws,” by voting that racial preferences for student admissions were legal.

Supreme Court decisions in affirmative action cases are the longest running fraud since the 1896 decision upholding racial segregation laws in the Jim Crow South, on grounds that “separate but equal” facilities were consistent with the Constitution.



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