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Two hours of parking in downtown Boise will cost you $2 today. Tomorrow it will cost you $4 thanks to Boise’s new tiered parking rate system that goes into effect on Wednesday.

KBOI is reporting that the city plans to add color-coded stickers to more than 1,300 meters in order to push drivers to use parking garages more often.

Those parking in the designated “Zone 1” or the orange zone, which is the area closest to the city’s popular downtown restaurants and bars, will soon be paying a $1.50 for the first hour then $2.50 for the second hour.

Those choosing to park a few blocks over, such as by the Statehouse, will soon be charged “Zone 2”, or the purple zone, rates. Parking there will cost $1 for the first hour then a $1.25 for the second hour. These two zones will remain as two-hour max parking areas.

Anyone who doesn’t mind walking will actually see a decrease in how much they’re being charged. The light green zone, known as “Zone 3”, will allow parked cars to be in their spots for up to four hours. The first and second hour will only cost drivers $0.50 an hour, while the third or fourth hour will cost $1.

Are we the only ones who think this sounds a lot more like societal engineering than urban planning?

More details on Boise’s new tiered system are available in the graphic below.