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A recent UtahPolicy poll found that 58 percent of Utah Republicans are ready to spend millions on a legal fight to gain state control of federal public lands within the state.

When asked the following question, 58 percent of Utah Republicans said yes, 31 percent said no, and 12 percent were unsure.

Do you agree or disagree that the state of Utah should spend $4.5 million on legal fees this year to sue the federal government for ownership of federal land in Utah?

The overwhelming support for states taking control of federal public lands was also demonstrated at the recent Utah State GOP Convention where pro-lawsuit GOP gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson beat anti-lawsuit incumbent Republican Gov. Gary Herbert 55 percent to 45 percent among delegates. The two will now face each other in the upcoming Utah primary.

The federal War on the West has been escalating in recent years, but the states may soon start fighting back. Will Utah lead the way? Will Idaho join the battle to regain its sovereignty or will Idahoans hang back and allow themselves to be victimized indefinitely? The time to retake our rights, our state, and our land is now! Let’s not wait another minute to push back the feds and take what’s ours.