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Why is the BLM choosing to ignore local, state, and national boundaries with the creation of these “Locations of Rapid Ecoregional Assessments”?

Kirk MacKenzie reports:

Maps like these explain a key aspect of the globalist agenda.

Neo-environmentalism is used as a pretext to deny people representation and free will, and build a political “governance” system that bypasses—destroys—local, state, and even national political boundaries. Problems are found/created that across political boundaries, for which the mandated solution is a new level of regional governance. The policy aspect of government is stripped away. Governments become mere enforcers of globalist objectives.

This radical change is accelerated by imploding financing of constitutional local and state governments through numerous methods:

  1. Stripping off the lion’s share of tax revenues for federal control;
  2. Stripping local government of property taxes, making them dependent on state handouts;
  3. Imploding state economies (an d thus state tax revenues) through land closures, business-hostile regulations, etc., making them dependent on federal handouts;
  4. Unfunded federal mandates that greatly increase government budgets; and
  5. Converting our prosperity into crushing debt/slavery through a debt-monetized “monetary system,” run by private globalists, created from nothing through federal borrowing, for which we become indebted. In other words, we are made to pay for our own enslavement.