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The War on the West is being waged in many ways and in many arenas, but the BLM is often at the forefront of restricting use and cutting off access.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that the BLM wants to close 3,450 acres in Utah County’s Lake Mountains to recreational shooting. Fortunately there are some folks standing up to these unnecessary restrictions.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council blasted the BLM’s proposal, however, saying the BLM’s proposal scapegoats shooters and uses public safety and rock-art damage as an excuse to justify closures. Council board member Bill Pedersen said “billions of rounds” have been fired in this area over the past 40 years with no injuries.

“We see it as a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” he said. “You are losing access to 3,400 acres that’s public land. They are talking about road closures. Now you will affect the ATV riders and horseback riders, all because of the fear-mongering of the shooters.”

What will the BLM come for next? What land will they lock up and make unavailable tomorrow? If you enjoy the outdoors in any capacity, you can just about bet that sooner or later they’ll lock you out of your favorite spot too. Help us push back before it’s too late.