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Jackson County commissioners are concerned about the BLM’s plan to destroy 164 miles of the 412 miles of roads within the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument east of Ashland, Oregon.

The BLM wants to use heavy machinery to re-contour and decommission 109 miles or roads and allow 55 miles to return to a natural state on their own.

Joel Brumm, assistant manager of the monument explained the issue.

“The road network was originally laid out for logging, and there’s no commercial timber harvest allowed in the monument anymore, so we anticipate many of the roads put in for timber harvest will not be needed. We have limited road maintenance funds, so we cannot afford to continue to maintain all of these logging spur roads.”

Perhaps if they hadn’t stopped harvesting timber, they might have money to maintain the roads.

We see this happening all over the west. Here’s another example. The feds won’t be satisfied until they’ve closed every road, stopped all the timber harvests, and locked all the people in cities so that nature can remain untouched and unused. Instead of destroying roads and limiting access, how about we let people actually use and enjoy this land? It’s time to kick out the feds and the environmentalists; they’ve had their turn and their way of doing things sucks. We really don’t need their “help” to manage our lands.