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When he’s not skulking around the girls’ bathroom at a high school, Republican (In-Name-Only) Sen. Fred Martin is using his committee chairmanship to block good, pro-liberty bills and to advance the radical liberal agenda in Idaho!

Is this the kind of “representation” Idaho Republicans want in the legislature?

With the 2020 legislative session just a few months away, should he resign and allow a real (and non-creepy) Republican to fill the seat?

Feel free to contact Creepy Fred and tell him how you feel about his actions.

  • EMAIL: FredSMartin@hotmail.com
  • PHONE: 208-447-9000 / 208-327-0171
  • ADDRESS: 3672 Tumbleweed Place, Boise, ID, 83713

FYI, the police report regarding the *multiple* times Creepy Fred was caught in suspicious circumstances lurking in a high school is available here: Creepy Fred Police Report (PDF)