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In December, the feds released an analysis of roads in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest which claimed that 1,261 miles of roads are not needed for forest management or access to the area. The report calls for the destruction of those roads which are in reality used to access wildfires, manage overgrown vegetation, gather firewood, and provided areas of solitude for hikers, veterans, the elderly, and families.

By releasing such a report the feds have turned a deaf ear to the culture and way of life of those who live in Eastern Oregon. The destruction of roads is wholly inconsistent with the supposed mission of the feds to serve the public in the area.

The war on the West continues in many ways and in many areas. The feds are actively pushing the people and ranchers out and working to decrease access across the board for the people. It’s truly a tragedy.

You can read and download the analysis files here.