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Oh these days of political intrigue—I wonder how it will all end. I can’t wait for the movie deal that explores the hidden goings of our current politic, the backroom deals to play the game, the counter spin and the whole crooked establishment cabal. The FBI’s revelation that there was more going on than what met the public eye is prima-facie evidence of what most of us have known all along.

The downfall of any well-oiled conspiracy often hinges on the subtle superfluous doing of the seemingly insignificant. It appears that Anthony Weiner, former Democrat Representative from New York, has stuck more than his nose into the fast and now furious Clinton crime syndicate.

It is not just the Hillary pillory spreading like an Idaho forest fire through the national news that has me inspired. I direct your attention to a more fundamental change of tide that rarely happens in the course of human events. Let me remind you of the fateful decision a handful of Portland jurors deliberated upon that will expose the growing tyrannical threat of federal over-reach.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy and their notorious gang of freedom loving ranchers were acquitted on all charges of conspiracy during their occupation of federal facilities at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. Their acquittal is example of the power of the jury, the people’s last line of defense, a firewall against all those powerful who seek nothing but the glory and furtherance of their offices.

Notable trials of last resort come to mind as I explore the perilous path to freedom by oppressed people. Recall the trial of William Penn, during his 1794 Treason Trials; John Adams defense at the trial of the Boston Massacre, 1770; and John Lilburne, Star Chamber Trial of 1637.

A haunting glimpse of our past may help explore new pathways to an unchained future.

Speaking of haunting news as this Halloween looms; I have on good authority that if encountered by a carnival of evil clowns, go for the Juggler!

In Liberty,
Darr Moon