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It’s been said that “licenses and permits are how government sells you back the freedom it has stolen from you,” and Idaho’s updated food code is a good example of this process.

As of July 1st, Idaho is implementing an updated food code that creates a host of new regulations including the prohibition on giving away free food.

“Anybody serving or giving away food to the public, whether it be a promotional event at, say, a business – those people are required to obtain a license.”

Environmental health specialist Nathan Taylor, of Eastern Idaho Public Health apparently thinks being the food police is funny.

“We’re not necessarily the food police—we are per say—but we’re here to educate and help people be in compliance with the rule. And anybody that wants to sell food needs to come down to the health district to clarify if they need a license or not. We’ll help them determine whether or not the rule applies to them,”

How did we survive before we had the food police?

UPDATE: The full 145-page document that is the “Idaho Food Code” is available HERE.