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Permitless carry for Idahoans cleared another hurdle Thursday morning when SB 1389 passed the House State Affairs Committee on a 13-4, party-line vote.

The bill previously passed the Senate State Affairs Committee 6-3 and the full Senate 27-8.

The measure now moves to the House floor.

Despite objections from liberal anti-gun activists connected to Michael Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action” group, most Idahoans support this common-sense measure to align Idaho’s laws. Permitless concealed carry is already legal outside of cities and towns, and permitless open carry is legal both inside and outside of cities and towns. SB 1389 will allow permitless concealed carry inside of cities and towns as well.

The bill is supported by Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, the NRA, the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, and the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association.