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On Tuesday, March 8th, Idaho Republicans have their Presidential Primary. For many, this will not be a day in which they proudly support their champion, but in which they reluctantly hold their noses and select the lesser evil from the four remaining candidates.

Those looking to their elected officials for guidance will find a mixed message. Idaho Gov. Otter has endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Rep. Raul Labrador and State Treasurer Ron Crane have endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (although Sen. Rand Paul was Labrador’s first choice.) Idaho Sen. Jim Risch and State Controller Brandon Woolf have endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio. No major Idaho politicians have endorsed Donald Trump as far as we are aware.

Now, to be fair, some Idahoans are genuinely excited about their chosen candidates. We saw significant enthusiasm for Ted Cruz at his recent Cruz to Victory rally in Boise due in part to his strong position on transferring federal land to the states.

Now we want to hear from you. Will you take part in the Idaho Republican Presidential Primary on Tuesday? If so, who will you be supporting? Are you voting for a candidate you truly like and support or are you merely selecting the lesser evil? Let your voice be heard!