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What comes before the government takes your rights? Registration and monitoring of course. We know it’s true for gun rights, but could it apply to water rights as well?

KTVB reports the following disturbing information.

Idaho officials are requiring well users pumping water from a large aquifer to install measuring devices to better monitor their water usage.

The Capital Press reports that the Idaho Department of Water Resources says the devices must be installed by 2018 on wells drawing from the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer.

Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc., Executive Director Lynn Tominaga estimates the cost of the equipment and installation will be about $5,400 per well. A grant from the Bureau of Reclamation will help growers pay for it.

Tominaga says the flow meters will give growers more control over how they manage the water for their crops.

Small wells and domestic or stock water wells are exempt from the order.

More government monitoring is always the first step toward greater tyranny… What will be the next step?