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The Idaho State Senate passed a permitless carry (also known as “constitutional carry”) bill Wednesday on a 27-8 vote with all but one Republican voting in favor.

That Republican was Sen. Bart Davis (R-Idaho Falls) who has a history of voting against gun bills supported by most Republicans. This tendency is widely believed to stem from a deadly incident in 2003 in which his son was shot and killed by a concealed carrier during a heated argument at a college party.

SB 1389 now moves to the House State Affairs Committee which is expected to support the bill and send it to the House floor. Barring a late veto from the Governor, it is likely that Idaho will become the ninth state to pass permitless carry.

The bill is moving quickly as Idaho’s 2016 legislative session winds down and has a hearing scheduled before the House State Affairs Committee on Thursday morning at 8:00 AM.

If you wish to attend or testify, the hearing will be in Room EW40. It is recommended that you arrive early and sign up if you want to have your say.