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The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee sent Senate Bill 1389 (the permitless carry bill) to the Senate floor with a “do pass” recommendation after nearly two hours of testimony Monday morning, both pro and con.

A voice vote followed the motion with six of the seven Republicans on the nine person committee voting yes and the two Democrats and one Republican voting no.

Those in favor were Sen. Brent Hill (R-Rexburg), Sen. Todd Lakey (R-Nampa), Sen. Patti Anne Lodge (R-Huston), Sen. Curt McKenzie (R-Nampa), Sen. Jeff Siddoway (R-Terreton),  and Sen. Chuck Winder (R-Boise).

Those opposed were Sen. Bart Davis (R-Idaho Falls), Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb (D-Boise), and Sen. Michelle Stennett (D-Ketchum). Sen. Davis has a history of voting against gun bills supported by most Republicans. This tendency is widely believed to stem from a deadly incident in 2003 in which his son was shot and killed by a concealed carrier during a heated argument at a college party.

More than a dozen citizens and representatives from various organizations including the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, the NRA, the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, and the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association testified in favor of the bill.

On the other side were a few citizens, Boise Police Chief Bill Bones, and several representatives from the Michael Bloomberg-funded “Moms Demand Action” anti-gun group including one woman who claimed that gun rights supporters had caused her trauma and made her “fear for her life.” Her ranting was actually challenged by Sen. Davis who asked her to cease the ad hominem attacks and please keep her testimony on topic.

The bill now moves to the Senate floor and, if it passes, will likely move to the House State Affairs Committee chaired by Rep. Tom Loertscher (R-Bone) who is one of four state representatives listed as sponsoring the bill.