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Do you value your freedom? Do you want to make your own decisions regarding the health and education of your kids? If these things matter to you, you should probably take a moment to learn about some of the folks who are working against your liberty.

In all likelihood, you’ve never heard of the Lachiondo sisters. Alicia and Diana Lachiondo are the daughters of David K. Lachiondo, the Interim Director of Basque Studies at Boise State University, and Patricia Lachiondo, the former President of the Basque Museum & Cultural Center.

You might have heard of Diana Lachiondo as she is now running for District 1 Ada County Commissioner as a Democrat. Among her many liberal positions, her campaign website states in bold “I Support Medicaid Expansion,” further stating that “I’ll be voting yes and urge you to join me.” She also engages in the classic deceptive technique of referring to the government spending your money as “investments.”

Her sister Alicia is not as well known, but she is a St. Luke’s pediatrician and a “Get Immunized, Idaho coalition spokesperson.” (Did you know those existed?) In that capacity, she is penning anti-freedom propaganda which engages in blatant fearmongering regarding vaccinations. Lines like “These exemption rates are concerning…” and “Not only should parents be worried about their child’s health when left unvaccinated…” leave little doubt that fear is her tool of choice.

Alicia has a long history of anti-capitalist, liberal activism. As a college student at Notre Dame, she worked with CLAP (Campus Labor Action Project) to organize a boycott of Taco Bell and get the school to end its contract with the company. Her profile photo from her personal Facebook page (below) only serves to highlight her liberal worldview. (Click the photo to enlarge it.)

Some of Diana’s past Facebook profile photos (below) also offer some interesting insights into her perspective.

Just this week, Diana went on a rant accusing Ada County Republicans of “promot[ing] violence against women” by displaying a humorous image of Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton in a headlock. Rather than acknowledging that this display at the county fair was simply a representation of the political wrestling match that was the 2016 election, she classified it as “vitriol” and in a followup comment claimed that her “opponent is at the booth today and doesn’t seem to mind this.” Are we really supposed to believe that her objection was anything other than a calculated political maneuver?

Both Alicia and Diana are advocates of public preschool (AKA liberal brainwashing) and are supporters of the “Boise Pre-K Project” which is affiliated with United Way (an organization that gives millions of dollars every year to Planned Parenthood.) Diana even included “free public pre-k” on her liberal wishlist posted to her campaign Facebook Page.

It really isn’t difficult to recognize that the Lachiondo sisters are part of the growing army of liberal extremists who are trying to take over Idaho and to repeal the freedoms that allow parents—rather than government—to make health and education decisions for their children.