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A major anti-gun group has endorsed Hillary Clinton, offering a lift to her campaign in a tighter-than-expected primary race in California and as she tries to pivot to a general election matchup with Donald Trump.

The group, Everytown for Gun Safety, announced its endorsement Friday, the day after its so-called “National Gun Violence Awareness Day” campaign.

Everytown was founded in 2014 by Michael Bloomberg, the former nanny-state mayor of New York, who put in $50 million of his own money in an effort to form a group that would have the firepower (if you will) to take on the National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment supporters.

In addition to the endorsement, Everytown pledged to help Clinton’s campaign get out the vote in California’s primary on Tuesday, their spokeswoman said, hosting phone banks and door-to-door campaigns that would start over the weekend.

Apparently, Hillary’s rabid hatred of guns has earned her the support of other gun haters. Big surprise.