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With the killing of LaVoy Finicum fresh in our minds, we are saddened and concerned to report that at least four people are dead following what officials are calling a “shootout” about two miles south of downtown Uvalde, Texas. The identities of those killed have not been released to the public.

KENS 5 in San Antonio is reporting that the standoff was on County Road 369, inside a small mobile home park. Officials claim that shots were fired at deputies with the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office. A Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office deputy confirmed the standoff was over and told News 4 San Antonio, ‘It’s a mess in there right now.’

The Texas Department of Public Safety and Border Patrol agents are also reported to be assisting with the situation.

More information is available from the Daily Mail.

UPDATE: Names have been released in what is now being described as a “triple murder-suicide.” Officials claim that Dylan Westerburg, 19, killed his mother, two neighbors, then himself.

According to family members and the Uvalde Leader News, killed were Dylan Westerburg, 19; his mother Jennifer Diane Jacqeus, 42; and their neighbors, Arthur Jerome Norton, 58 and Phinny Paul Norton, 60.

The motive for the killings remains under investigation.