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The Albuquerque Journal is reporting that New Mexico officials have notified the federal government that they will sue to block the planned release of more Mexican gray wolves without the state’s OK.

The state Department of Game and Fish called the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s release plan “unpermitted and illegal” and said it will go to court unless the federal agency backs down.

The state department last year denied the federal agency’s application to release wolves into the wild. But the Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced it planned to release a pack of wolves this year and also could place some captive-born pups into wild packs, in a bid to improve genetic diversity.

“The department cannot stand idle and allow the USFWS to ignore the laws and regulations of New Mexico, just as the department does not allow others to do so,” Game and Fish spokesman Lance Cherry said in a statement.

The “Notice of Intent to Sue” filed by a California law firm representing Game and Fish says the federal agency failed to comply with a provision of the Endangered Species Act that requires cooperation “to the maximum extent practicable” with states. It also alleges that USFWS would violate state law with the release.

Once again the federal government is engaging in activities which are extremely dangerous to individual states, and the feds are refusing to respect the states’ sovereignty. This is just another phase of the federal war on the West.