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The battle to legalize permitless carry in Idaho isn’t over. SB 1389 was “reported delivered to Governor at 2:40 p.m. on 03/21/16” according to the legislative website, but that means he could still veto the bill as late as Saturday afternoon. The legislature is expected to adjourn on Friday.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, one of the groups behind the bill, is reporting that the anti-gun crowd is still lobbying hard to defeat this bill.

SB 1389, Constitutional Carry, was delivered to the Governor’s office yesterday (March 21st) at 2:40 p.m.

That means today is the 1st of 5 days he has to act.

The gentleman I spoke with said that the calls were 5 to 1 againat Constitutional Carry. Bloomberg is clearly spending money to make it look like Idahoans are opposed.

Better step up your game!


SB 1389 passed both the Idaho House (54-15) and the Idaho Senate (27-8) with veto-proof majorities, but Gov. Otter could wait to veto the bill until after the legislature has adjourned in order to avoid his veto being overridden. Please contact the Governor’s office TODAY and tell him to sign SB 1389.

You can email him at Governor@gov.idaho.gov or call his office at 208-334-2100.