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Please join us at noon on Saturday, February 6th, 2016, on the front steps of the Idaho Capitol building in downtown Boise to celebrate and honor the life of LaVoy Finicum.

As you probably already know, Finicum was one of the men occupying the Malheur national wildlife refuge in Oregon. On Tuesday, January 26th, he was shot dead by the police and FBI after law enforcement ambushed a convoy of individuals headed to peacefully attend a community meeting. You can read more about this unnecessary confrontation and its deadly outcome HERE.

You can RSVP for the Rally via Facebook by clicking HERE.

This is the message sent out by those organizing the event:

We are going to gather for LaVoy Finicum, on Saturday February 6th. The reason we are gathering is to show our respect to an unarmed man who has been gunned down and brutally and unlawfully killed. In America, we do not allow our law enforcement to be the judge, the jury, nor the executioner. Even a violent criminal has the right to a trial under the constitution. In today’s society, our citizens are being gunned down by our law enforcement unjustly. This is not the American way. We, as true American citizens need to come together, in solidarity to show that we will not accept such actions.

So to protest against these terrible issues, we will gather at the front entrance of the Boise capital building. In doing this, we can try to show everyone our respects to the unjust and unlawful killing of our fellow American citizen, who was not only a citizen but a father, friend and loved one. I am asking everyone to bring signs that have the saying “HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT!!” posted on them.

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