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The following was written by Rep. Christy Zito (District 23):

The days are moving fast. It is difficult to believe that it is Friday again. I was so honored to be asked to join Minute Men of the 43rd, for dinner last night. These patriots are dedicated to defending our constitutional republic through community and covenant, they promote individual liberty. They will also work is to assist liberty legislators and support them during and after session. There is nothing better than to be able to meet with those you represent to know them personally, hear their thoughts and understand their issues. Even better is when they want to be involved in the process, reading bills, attending hearings, and contacting representatives.

This week in Agricultural Affairs committee we heard the most fascinating, informative and robust presentation on Hemp. Do not confuse the hemp that is grown for industrial use with over 25,000 applications with the variety that is grown for recreational highs. Though they are of the same plant family they are as different as nightshade and a tomato plant. The end uses are range from a biodegradable plastic-like material, to feed, and bedding for cattle, cloth, rope, paint, cosmetics, and more. The prospect of being able to add Idaho to the growing list of states that are introducing this valuable, very useful crop is exciting. We heard from the Apple Commission, Cherry Commission, Wine Commission, and Onion Growers. We also heard about the onion sheds that were destroyed by the heavy snows. Such a loss. It is so sad to see an industry hit by devastating uncontrollable circumstances.

In State Affairs, we heard proposed legislation concerning sexual assault evidence. This fall a small group of us were invited to POST for a tour. While there it was pointed out that statewide there were around 2500 sexual assault kits that had never been turned into the forensics lab after evidence was collected. This legislation will alleviate that issue creating a timeline and accountability for the kits. We heard a presentation on Cybersecurity and the Executive order that created the Idaho Cyber Security Task Force. We heard testimony about changes to legislation concerning award of attorney fees. We have also heard proposed legislation concerning the definition of slot machines on tribal properties. The topics are always varied and very interesting, even sometimes controversial. I also learned this week that there are over 200 Governor appointed agencies in the State of Idaho. They are listed here. I believe it is good for us as citizens to know our government. Work continues on the Castle Doctrine legislation, Sales Tax Holiday and other concerns that have been expressed to me.

Judiciary and Rules was also very busy. We have heard a report from the Judiciary Department in our state. Sexual Offender Management Board presented proposed rule changes to polygraph examiner certification. Changes to the statute restoring 2nd amendment rights to those who have been convicted of certain crimes. These are just a few of the wide variety of topics that make their way to this committee. It is always very interesting and such a learning experience. The committee meetings are always open to the public.

You can see all of the bills with a brief explanation, link to the legislative website and a citizen assessment at, www.growingfreedomidaho.com.

Again, it is a pleasure to serve you and to be your voice. Input from our district has been awesome, thank you and please continue. Together we can make a difference, call email, or message anytime.