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Many Idahoans were shocked and appalled when the Idaho Legislature jacked up their taxes and vehicle registration fees in the late-night gimme-fest at the end of the 2015 Legislative session, but Idaho isn’t the only solidly Republican state where lawmakers are eyeing your wallets with lust in their eyes.

The Daily Caller reports that in South Carolina, Republican lawmakers voted to overrule Gov. Henry McMaster’s veto to increase the state’s gas tax and blocked a filibuster. Those same Republicans also blocked broad tax cuts, claiming that the cuts were ‘too expensive’ in the face of the state’s other liabilities.

Meanwhile in Tennessee, Republican Gov. Bill Haslem signed the state’s first gas tax into law, amid outcry from conservative groups that argued a state with over a $1 billion surplus should not increase taxes on its citizens.

Need more? Republican lawmakers in Kansas chose to override their governor’s push for steep cuts to personal and corporate tax income rates in June, and instead, they increased taxes by $1.2 billion!

What is happening? Why are these supposed ‘low-tax’ and ‘small-government’ lawmakers across the country grabbing at your money like drowning men trying to board a liferaft? There are billions of dollars in wasteful spending—including plenty of cronyism and welfare—which could easily be cut if these elected officials are truly worried about finding additional funding for infrastructure.

As far as we are concerned, it’s all just a scam to loot the ever-shrinking minority of society’s productive members in order to bribe the unproductive members to vote for the scheming lawmakers.

There is simply nothing ‘compassionate’ about looting the productive to subsidize the unproductive. This is never justified and it never makes for a better society.