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The troublesome notion of “animal rights” can have very dangerous—and very ridiculous—consequences. The long-term goals of the radical “animal rights” activists are to ban eating meat, riding horses, and even having pets. Do you like bacon? If you do, you better not sit quietly by and let these folks continue to run amok.

A town in the north of Spain has become the country’s first to grant cats and dogs special rights as “non-human neighbours.”

Trigueros del Valle, a town of 300 inhabitants in the province of Valladolid, has approved a declaration which seeks to “dignify the lives of dogs and cats, animals which have shared with man thousands and thousands of years and have been a great help to him.”

The initiative is an attempt to protect those animals from cruelty and abuse, as well as acknowledging their importance in the town, which is situated in an agricultural area. Besides the symbolism of the decree, it also means the town hall will take responsibility for any abandoned cats and dogs and it will rebuke owners who mistreat their animals.

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How crazy will things get? Unless we nip this particular brand of insanity in the bud, the crazy knows no bounds. Necessary animal testing wouldn’t be performed, fur wouldn’t be worn anymore, and—did I mention bacon?—meat would no longer be eaten.