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Would you like to donate to the Bundy political prisoners who have so courageously stood against the federal occupation of the West? The following information comes from the Bundy Ranch blog:

Many of you have asked about where a donation toward legal fees could be sent. We have set up accounts for each of our family members. Donation buttons can be found in the right hand column. As other patriots get their accounts activated, their info will also be added to our blog page. We realize that the legal fees for this battle will be astronomical and we are grateful for all of your love, prayers, and support.

Please CLICK HERE to see the blog with the donation links. They are near the top on the right side of the page.

The blog also provides an update on the Bundy political prisoners:

The Bundy political prisoners are doing well. They are being treated okay, are in positive spirits, and want to thank everyone for your prayers. They long to be home with their families and friends. Their battle for freedom is far from over. They are eager for justice to prevail. Freedom is not free! All of us express our love for the other political prisoners and we pray for them and their safety.

Please note that these donations are not handled through or by Idahoans for Liberty. They go directly to the accounts set up and maintained by the Bundy family. To donate to Idahoans for Liberty, please click here.