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A new survey reveals that a Trump Presidency could result in a smaller federal government, though perhaps not for the reasons you might think. Speculation about how “Conservative” (or not) Trump might be rages on, but a significant chunk of federal employees (mostly Democrats) are threatening to quit if Trump wins.

According to a survey conducted by Government Executive, 42 percent of Democrats working in federal jobs would at least consider leaving if Trump wins the Presidency. The number who would consider quitting is 25 percent overall, but only 8 percent of Republicans surveyed felt that way.

This is not the most important consideration when voting for a candidate of course, but creating a smaller federal government through attrition is not the worst idea, either. The trend in recent decades has been for the federal government to keep growing regardless of which party wins the Presidency. Maybe we need a President who is willing to tell some federal employees, “You’re Fired!”


P.S. This is NOT an endorsement of Donald Trump.