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Bonnie Kristian over at Rare is reporting that the TSA has spent $1.4 million  to automate the oh-so-complicated process of pointing left or right. Is that really too challenging a job for these agents?

Next time you go to the airport, the TSA may direct you to the right or left using an iPad app which randomly displays a giant arrow pointing—you guessed it!—right or left.

And if that’s not enough to impress you, maybe the cost will: The agency, well known for its history of waste, incompetence, and disregard for basic civil liberties, dropped a cool $1.4 million of Americans’ tax dollars to get this randomizer app up and running.

(Again, it is an app that displays two giant arrows.)

Now, to be fair, that $1.4 million total may well include the purchase price of the physical iPads or perhaps the cost of getting the app to work on other, non-iPad devices. But still, the iPad app alone cost about $336,000, which is a really hefty price tag for big arrows.

Kristian’s conclusion is right on the money when she suggests that “a better idea than blowing all this money on a randomizer is shutting down the TSA forever.”

The TSA is ineffective, intrusive, and ultimately a pointless act of security theater that does nothing to protect anyone.

P.S. You can see the $1.4 million technology in action here: