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9News is reporting that the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) in Summit County, Colorado, is proposing a year round camping ban for a popular campsite.

Ken Waugh with the U.S. Forest Service says they are already facing budget cuts and can’t always patrol that area to make sure it’s clean and safe from fires. They’re proposing a ban on year round overnight camping in that area.

“Because we are not out there to monitor it gets out of control and what happened is we get complaints from the public specifically people who live in Montezuma who drive past there every day,” said Waugh. “They see all the cars. They see all the trash left behind. They see the campfire burning with no one around and they are very concerned and they want to see something done about it but unfortunately we just don’t have the people so that’s why we are proposing to close it.”

Some people don’t clean up adequately, so the government wants to punish everyone by cutting off access to a popular campsite? The feds don’t know how to manage land properly, and they provide numerous examples of that fact every single day.