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Gun grabbers thought they had a win today when ThinkProgress put out a piece claiming that Umpqua Community College was not a gun free zone. The argument was supposed to be that because guns (more specifically, concealed carry with a permit) are allowed on college campuses in Oregon, the mass shooting that occurred somehow disproved the theory that more guns (in the right hands) equal less crime.

Here’s where the story falls apart, though. According to a report by The Trace (itself an anti-gun publication), “Umpqua Community College allows guns on its grounds, but not in its buildings.” [Emphasis added.] Similarly to how public colleges in Idaho theoretically allow legal concealed carry now (with an ‘enhanced permit’), but still prohibit carry in many common areas like the Student Union Building at Boise State, it is virtually impossible to arm oneself for the purpose of self-defense when classrooms and other buildings you have to access throughout your day are off limits to those who carry.

It is completely unfair to argue that a campus where concealed carry is prohibited in the buildings is anything but a “gun free zone” – or, more accurately, a defenseless victim zone. It is absolutely imperative (it is literally a life-or-death situation) that we continue pushing for fully legalized campus carry both in Idaho and around the nation. We must remove the exceptions from the law so that no student or teacher ever has to be disarmed and undefended while on a college campus.

(Of course, even if the claim regarding legal concealed carry at Umpqua Community College were correct, it still wouldn’t prove anything because western Oregon does not have the same gun culture as Idaho and other western states. Even if campus carry were fully legal, it wouldn’t necessarily follow that any of the victims were actually armed.)

UPDATE: Click here to read how the Oregon State Board of Higher Education created a policy to circumvent a pro-Second Amendment court decision and thereby left Oregon college students defenseless!