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The federal government is taking the first small steps toward rolling back some of the harm that Obama has done as it regards perpetuating the War on the West. While there is much more to do, the repeal of this BLM rule is a blow to the fake ‘sportsman’ groups run by radical environmentalists who want to shut down all productive uses of federal lands.

The Washington Post reports:

An Obama-era rule aimed at modernizing the management of public lands is one step closer to being repealed. The Senate voted Tuesday to overturn an Interior Department regulation known as the Planning 2.0 rule in a move that critics say hands too much influence to the oil and gas industry and takes away input from local communities. From here, the resolution will go to President Trump, who has previously indicated his intent to sign it.

You can read the rest of the (incredibly biased) article here, if you are so inclined.

Please take a few minutes today to contact your Federal Senators and Representatives to let them know that you want more state control over what are today considered federal lands. It’s long past time these lands were turned over to the states so that local control and decision-making can replace federal mismanagement.