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Save the family. Save America. Save the world.

The idea of a “great replacement” is not some wacky conspiracy theory. It’s simply an accurate recognition of the demographic shifts that are fundamentally changing the Western world. The “conspiracy” component of these demographic shifts comes from the fact that they are not natural or organic, rather they are engineered by politicians who see an influx of poor, illiterate, and often hostile outsiders as a means to obtain and secure political power.

It’s quite simple really. Leftist politicians believe that by enthusiastically welcoming immigrants and offering them massive financial incentives to come and settle in Western countries, the left can obtain an invincible majority that will allow it to hold and expand its power indefinitely.

The scheme isn’t just about immigration, though. Discouraging traditional families and childbirth among the native Westerners is also a significant component of engineering the demographic shifts necessary to breed out (and indeed to outbreed) the intelligent and hard-working Westerners who built the modern world.

White Americans and White Europeans are seen as a problem — an obstacle — to the new world order the left is working to create. Rather than jump immediately to violent genocide, the decision was made to relegate these obstacles to a politically irrelevant minority. The cynical beauty of this strategy is that the minority population can effectively be enslaved through confiscatory tax policies, and it will thereby provide the funding for its own demise.

What is happening is so obvious that anyone paying even a little attention can see it, but the left has a solution for that problem too — anyone who expresses concerns about or even acknowledges these demographic shifts is branded a RACIST. Those who refuse to apologize and recant their accurate observations are silenced. They are fired, de-platformed, and (increasingly) their resources are seized.

The information isn’t even hidden. It can be seen in immigration numbers, birthrates, demographic studies, census reports, and a day or two spent in any mid-size or larger American city.

What is the solution? Unfortunately, the conspiracy is well underway, and slowing or reversing it will be difficult, to say the least. At a minimum, we must stridently oppose all policies that promote mass migration, offer amnesty to illegals, or provide funding to migrants. Ideally, conservatives should also push for the mass deportation of the millions of illegals already residing in the United States. Achieving this outcome is a long shot, admittedly, but it is absolutely necessary if we are to effectively combat this plot.

Beyond that, we — meaning hard-working, conservative Christians — must start placing an even greater priority on building strong families and having as many children as possible. The left has long embraced eugenicist policies including promoting abortion and homosexuality as a means of reducing the population of Western countries. Today, this effort has expanded to include pushing children (often without parental consent) to take drugs and undergo procedures that destroy their genitals and sterilize them.

The new world order envisioned by global power brokers and their political allies is a world in which hard-working, conservative Christians have been driven to extinction. In their place will be a permanent underclass of compliant slaves who will unquestioningly serve the interests of the elite.

As unbelievable as it may sound, this dystopian vision is well on its way to becoming reality. Atheism, abortion, and sexual immorality attack our souls. Poisonous vaccines and genetically modified Frankenfoods attack our bodies. Mass migration and the entertainment industry attack our culture. Transgenderism and other fictional identities attack the very fabric of reality.

Simply by existing, you — as a hard-working, conservative Christian — represent the greatest threat to the forces of evil and the greatest hope for the survival of mankind. But the numbers are not in our favor. Even some conservatives have fallen victim to the manipulative argument that having “too many” children is irresponsible. The most important responsibility of all is to raise up MORE hard-working, conservative Christians to carry on the fight after we are gone.

One final exhortation. Choose your mates wisely. The Bible warns against being “unequally yoked” with those who do not share our values. Hard-working, conservative Christians should marry other hard-working, conservative Christians so that together they can build strong families and raise up the next generation of Conservative warriors. The battle is not yet lost, but victory requires a level of commitment far too few are willing to exercise. It all starts with the family.

Save the family. Save America. Save the world.

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An excellent article. I pray that my fellow Americans soon wake up to the fact that our people, culture, and traditions will not survive into the next century unless we start making changes.

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