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Voting for democrats in 2020 is a crime

One does not have to endorse or even like republicans to acknowledge that their policies, though far from ideal, are still far superior to those of democrats. There is no question that republicans spend too much money, want too much government, and advocate too many laws—but democrats are worse on every point. While the long-term goal of a free society is nearly as anathema to modern republicans as it is to democrats, the fact remains that giving democrats political power will make our lives far more miserable in the interim.

Reducing taxes, regulations, welfare, and other forms of redistribution should be at the top of the priority list for everyone who favors liberty. Likewise, defending gun rights is undeniably imperative. It is crystal clear that republicans are better on these issues.

There are many reasons to criticize republicans, including the recent lockdown fiasco and the profligate spending in response to the ‘pandemic’ nonsense, but again… democrats have been even worse on these issues. For every bad thing done or poor policy adopted by republicans, you will find greater atrocities committed and more destructive policies implemented by democrats.

In 2020, American politics are not about seeking perfection, they are a matter of survival. We know republicans make their fair share of blunders, but the unbridled ascendency of evil that will occur under democrat control makes those blunders look like paradise by comparison.

Some may call voting for republicans “the lesser of two evils,” but the fact remains that if rule by evil is unavoidable, the lesser evil is the preferable choice. At least conservatives have a voice in a republican administration, where they will be silenced and persecuted under a democrat regime.

To vote for a democrat in 2020 is worse than suicide; it is attempted murder of your fellow Americans.

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